Spring Edition Has Arrived!

Springtime is here and the perfect time to get out and travel. The latest edition of The Hotel Guide is sure to please. We have an incredible food getaway in one of the funnest places in Texas – Arlington. Mouth-watering and delectable places to eat certainly are in abundance.

Can’t miss two fantastic events in the Lone Star State. First, hop on over to San Antonio for their 10-Day FIESTA® events. As well, you can’t go wrong in Tyler, Texas with their annual Azalea Trails. An array of colorful flowers and incredible people await you there. Ready for a little sun? Try the featured property in the Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. If you get there soon enough you might be able to catch a few MLB Spring training games.

With all of the recent rains in the Yosemite Valley, you might also want to take in this area. Green abounds and majestic sites are sure to be seen. Speaking of flowers in bloom, San Francisco is taking Spring by storm. There are a myriad of incredible events and places to go and see just want this time of year means to the city.

Finally, if you are wanting that tropical getaway. Make your way to Cancun, Mexico and partake in some of the incredible updates happening down South. You surely won’t be disappointed. For great story ideas or to be a part of our “Experiences” section, send me a personal e-mail by clicking here. Looking for great hotel deals? Remember that you can book all of your travel from our website or by simply clicking here. Happy Traveling!

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