Gaylord Palms Hotel – Florida

Florida is making a buzz for Christmas, and Gaylord Palms, Orlando is right in the center of it all. Who says the fun should end when you get to the hotel? Why not enjoy the digs as much as the theme parks for the holidays. Situated right next to Disney and minutes from Sea World and Universal Studios, Gaylord Palms, Orlando is without a doubt the best place to stay for the holidays in Florida. Here’s 10 reasons why.


1. Location,

location, location. Gaylord Palms is close to it all, so close that they offer shuttle service free of charge to Disney! That’s right. They can also arrange shuttle service to Sea World, Universal, and the airport for a small fee. So forget driving in a place you’re unfamiliar with and enjoy the ride.

2. A stunning resort property with a 4.5 acre botanical atrium that even Las Vegas can’t touch. Where you might expect a garden, you get 4.5 acres of tropical foliage lining paved trails that summon your feet to stroll through caverns, waterfalls and even a replica of the Castillo de San Marcos. This all inside a climate controlled paradise designed after popular Florida themes; St. Augustine, the Emerald Bay, Key West, the Everglades and Florida Springs.

3. Gaylord Palms is wild! This is no flashy fishtank hotel. How about a replica of Florida’s natural springs, Emerald Bay and a 161,000 gallon lagoon which are all home to a variety of marine and land wildlife including; koi, catfish, pacu, tarpon, stingrays, live snakes, 30 species of native Florida turtles, and even live alligators!

4. The Christmassy Dreamworks Experience is AWESOME! Character meet and greets from Shrek and Madagascar are surprising kids all the time at Gaylord Palms. You can even enjoy Shrek Feast at the Villa de Flora, a character meet and greet for breakfast. I love this beyond words. They take their time and go to each table and really make it special for each and every child. There are no mobs or rushing the kids, they really want to make these memories amazing. You can even get a map of where all the characters will be making it very easy to see everyone. This is so cool.

5. Annual Christmas Ice event. With a new surprise theme each year you’re going to be making a habit of Gaylord Palms for Christmas. This year’s Ice event theme is the American classic, Frosty the Snowman, an ice sculpture wonderland of rooms, tunnels, slides and scenes from the cartoon carved entirely from ice. Dress warm, this is the only place in Florida where it will ever be 8 degrees. Parkas provided.

6. Luminescence, a light and sound spectacular. Gather around Gaylord’s massive 54-foot Christmas tree and let the holiday cheer warm your heart as you watch over 2 million lights dance to symphony and live stage entertainment. All FREE!

7. Christmas everywhere you turn! From a reindeer scavenger hunt to pictures with Santa Clause, Christmas is around every corner at Gaylord Palms. Take a stroll through Holiday Hall for hot chocolate, fresh roasted nuts and holiday decor shopping.

8. Spend time with your kids and build a gingerbread house! Join your kids at Gingy’s Gingerbread Decorating. Make a masterpiece and get photos with Dreamworks, Gingy from Shrek.

9. Hospitality and a friendly staff make staying at Gaylord Palms any time of the year a memorable experience. No matter what, every time I make a Gaylord Palms visit, the staff is courteous and happy, nothing but smiles and hellos from everyone. I love how warm everyone is. This is what makes Gaylord Palms my favorite resort in all of Florida.

10. Dining experiences that take you on a Florida tour. Enjoy fine dining at the Old Hickory Steakhouse nestled in the swamps of the Everglades, hop on Sunset Sam’s life sized sailboat in its own lagoon with live fish, catch the game at Wreckers with its 37’ big screen, or get a Vegas style buffet at Villa de Flora in the center of the atrium. No mattter what your taste, there’s something for everyone.

There is NOWHERE in America that you can get all of this in one place. If you’re thinking Florida for Christmas, make it Gaylord Palms, Orlando.

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